Foolish steps of a Fat Cow

Foolish steps of a Fat Cow

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Singapore, 2015, 30’

directed by: Ghazi Alqudcy

written by: Ghazi Alqudcy

edited by: Ghazi Alqudcy

producer: Ghazi Alqudcy

production: film.factory

festivals and awards: 

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015; 10th EXPOSED Film Festival Berlin 2015; Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2015; Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2015; InDpandan FIlm Festival, Hong Kong 2015

Video diary of a Singaporean filmmaker who doesn't feel at home in Sarajevo and decides to go to Berlin. He is guilt-ridden and wishes to apologize to someone he met there. This diary film exhibits the self-deprecation and matter-of-factness of the genre.

Ghazi Alqudcy (1983, Singapore) has made short films since 2004. His current motto is: "Buy less T-shirts and make more films". In 2012, he received a BFA in digital filmmaking. He is now in the Master's program at Béla Tarr's film.factory in Sarajevo.