Poland, 2013, 83’,

directed by: Mikolaj Haremski

written by: Radoslaw Hendel, Piotr Chrzan

cast: Jan Rotowski, Natan Czyzewski, Jowita Chwalek

cinematography: Jan Pawel Trzaska

edited by: Cezary Kowalczuk

producers: Pawel Wendorff, Maja Wlodarczyk

production: ANIMA-POL

festivals and awards: 

Toronto International Film Festival 2014; Stockholm IFF Junior 2014; Montreal World Film Festival 2013

Tom, who is twelve, lives in small Polish village. Lonely and with no friends, he spends all of his time in a garage, learning from the local mechanic how to repair and assemble cars. Cars are Tom's passion. However, life is not that simple, even when you are a child. Tom's mother was killed in a car crash and his father left him so he now lives with his grandparents. Frustrated with his strict grandpa and his classmates who keep harassing him, Tom decides to find his father. He sets out on a journey through southern Poland. At first, it seems it will all end up badly, but then he meets mysterious Gabriel who helps him and joins him in his quest. With a help from his new friend, Tom comes closer to his goal, and is also about to reveal an old family secret.


Mikolaj Haremski was born in 1957 in Leszno. Director of feature films, documentaries, commercials, TV shows and TV series. He has won many awards at festivals in Poland.