Neon Bull

Boi neon

Brazil, Uruguay, the Netherlands, 2015, 101’

directed by: Gabriel Mascaro

written by: Gabriel Mascaro

cast: Juliano Cazarré, Aline Santana, Carlos Pessoa, Maeve Jinkings, Vinicius de Oliveira, Josinaldo Alves, Samya de Lavor

cinematography: Diego Garcia

edited by: Fernando Epstein, Eduardo Serrano

producers: Rachel Ellis, Sandino Saravia, Marleen Slot

production: DESVIA, Canal Brasil, Malbicho Cine, Viking Films

festivals and awards: 

Venice IFF – Horizons Award – Special Jury Prize; Toronto IFF 2015; Warsaw Film Festival 2015 – Grand Prix 

Gabriel Mascaro's second feature film offers wildly sensual and fascinating insight into Brazilian rodeo "behind the camera". Iremar works on vaquejada, the traditional rodeo in which two cowboys are trying to fell a bull. Iremar takes care about the bulls. He lives in the truck used for transport of these beasts. He shares his "home" with his colleagues: Galega, an exotic dancer, truck driver and the mother of a playful girl, and Zé, also a groomer, The three of them are one odd but very close family. However, Brazil's northeast is changing and Iremar is changing with it. The development of local textile industry has stirred new ambitions in him. While rocking in his hammock in the back of the truck, he daydreams about various fashion designs, tinsels, spangles and beautiful fabrics and creates sexy combinations in his head.  

Gabriel Mascaro was born in Brazil in 1983. His works of art were displayed in prestigious museums, including Contemporary Art Museum in Barcelona and MoMA in New York, but also at festivals like IDFA in Rotterdam and IndieLisboa. His first film August Winds premiered in Locarno. Neon Bull is his second feature. It won him Special Jury Award in Horizons Program at the Venice Film Festival.