Sarajevo Film Festival – selection of films from BH Program

Although Zagreb Film Festival and Sarajevo Film Festival have cooperated ever since the beginning of ZFF, their official program collaboration is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year. From the outset, our main goals have been strengthening regional promotion, encouraging regional film production, and discovering new short film authors. This year we present the most important short films of the recent Bosnian-Herzegovinian production which were screened at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival in the BH Film Program organized by the Association of Filmmakers of B&H. The selection includes Blossom by Tarik Hodžić, Red Snow by Mersiha Husagić, Inverzum by Damir Bašić, Just Another Day by Tina Šmalcelj, and the winner of the Best B&H Student Film Award, Frontier, Bloody Frontier by Saša Karanović. It is an exciting and diverse overview of the recent short film production in B&H, which is exceptionally dynamic and vigorous.

Elma Tataragić, Programmer of Feature Film and Short Film Competition