Masterclass: Fred Breinersdorfer

14/11 | MONDAY | 14:o0 |ADU F22
Frankopanska Street 22
With a screening of Sophie Scholl – The Final Days 14h
16h Masterclass
opet to the public

Fred Breinersdorfer will talk about how to run a historical research for a movie. How to structure the results of the research to become a dramatic plot? What to keep, what to drop? How to implement fictional elements into the dramatic structure/plot? How to inspire and train the crew (director, talents) with historical facts? How to present the writing process and how to use the researched facts in the promotion campaign of the movie?


Fred Breinersdorfer is an award-winning writer of film scripts, books, short stories, theatrical plays, and radio programs. He wrote his first crime novel in 1980, which developed into a successful detective book and movie series about French attorney Jean Abel. His credits include 12 novels, a formidable list of short stories, four theatrical productions, four radio plays, and 65 movies and prime-time TV movies. He was the president of the German Writer’s Association (VS) and is currently a member of the German P.E.N. and the Deutsche Filmakademie. Fred Breinersdorfer was awarded the German Film Award, the Adolph Grimme Preis, Gold (known as the German TV Oscar), and nominated for several other awards. He became world-renowned as a writer and co-producer for Sophie Scholl – The Final Days when the movie was nominated for the 2006 Academy Award (Foreign Language Film).


Sophie Scholl – The Final Days, 2005, Germany, 120 min

White Rose is the name of a secret organisation fighting without the use of violence against Nazism. Their aim is to unmask the crimes committed by the public regime. The organisation consists of young people, mainly students, including brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl, and their friend Christoph Probs. Sophie and Hans start distributing anti-Nazi posters at the university, but they get caught. At the police station they are interrogated by the experienced Robert Mohr, but the Scholls deny everything. Nevertheless, Hans soon confesses. In order to protect other members of White Rose, Sophie does the same. The inspector offers her a smaller punishment if she renounces her beliefs and betrays the others.