Masterclass: Storytelling in Video Games

15/11 |TUESDAY | 16:00 | HUB385
Petračićeva Street 4
open for the public

People who make films and people who make video games are “brothers in arms”. In its beginnings, film suffered the same destiny as video games. It was considered cheap fun for children. But it wasn’t long before the true value and potential of film came to the surface. In the same way, the world is today starting to realize the potential of video games. It’s time that Croatia also understands the potential of the fastest-growing branch of the audiovisual industry, and that filmmakers and video game developers begin an active and systematic cooperation. (Antonio Nuić)


Antonio Nuić was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1977. He holds an MA in Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where has been teaching several courses for the past five years. He also writes screenplays for the films he directs. He is the Artistic Advisor of the Zagreb Film Festival and Member of the Management Board of the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild.

Representatives, creative directors and writers at three propulsive Croatian gaming studios will present their recent projects:

Bear With Me (Exordium Games)

Andrej Kovačević



Andrej Kovačević is a member of the Exordium Games studio for developing games. Works being developed at the moment are: Bear With Me, Zero Reflex, Agenda, Nephil’s Fall, and Last Encounter. The game Bear With Me won the Award for Best Indie Game at the games show Reboot Infogamer in 2014, and was nominated in the category of Best Narrative Game at the Casual Connect Amsterdam 2016. Moreover, Andrej Kovačević writes for the Reboot magazine, teaches at the Machina Game Academy, and has founded the Indiefferent Studio.


Davor Hunski


Davor Hunski is one of the founders of the legendary game development studio from Zagreb – Croteam, which created the internationally acclaimed games Serious Sam and The Talos Principle. Davor is the studio’s chief game designer, but he has also worked in other production aspects, such as marketing, special effects, level and sound design, and programming.

Raid - World War II (Lion Game Lion)

Mr. Tid Cooney



Entering the games industry in 1995, Tid has worked as a designer at companies such as Lionhead, Lucasarts, and Starbreeze. He has written for franchises like Star Wars (earning a Writers’ Guild of America Award nomination), as well as for the hugely popular Payday series. Tid has spent the year in Croatia, helping Zagreb’s LionGameLion develop Raid: World War 2, a co-op shooter due for release in 2017.

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