Anton the Magician

  • Günter Reisch
  • German Democratic Republic
  • 1977
  • 106'
  • Anton der Zauberer

A playful comedy about love, money, unconventional entrepreneurship… and the circle of life. Anton Grubske uses a cunning gimmick to get himself out of war captivity in 1945. Using the same maneuver, he escapes from a sly widow. He returns to his home village where he marries the daughter of a local artisan whose shop he takes over and starts ripping off wealthy landowners. When the business goes sour, he runs away with his accomplice Sabina. The pair continues doing shady business and amass quite a fortune. Anton’s misdeeds soon bring him back to where it all started – the prison. But is this the end of him?

Günter Reisch

(1927 – 2014) One of the most eminent East German directors and screenwriters, author of around twenty films, some of which are A Lively Christmas Eve (1962), Anton the Magician (1978), and The Fiancée (1980). He collaborated on the screenplay for the German Sci-Fi classic First Spaceship on Venus (1960), based on a novel by Stanisław Lem.

Anton the Magician

Günter Reisch
Karl Georg Egel
DEFA – Studio für Spielfilme, Gruppe Johannisthal
Ulrich Thein, Barbara Dittus, Anna Dymna, Erwin Geschonneck, Marina Krogull, Leon Niemczyk, Grigori Grigoriu, Werner Godemann, Ralph Borgwardt, Alfred Struwe, Gerry Wolff
Günter Haubold
Bärbel Weigel
Festivals & Awards
Moscow International Film Festival 1979 – Best Actor Award

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