Ciguli Miguli

  • Branko Marjanović
  • SFRJ - Croatia
  • 1952
  • 104'

The first Croatian film to be banned as anti-socialist is a charming and picturesque musical comedy directed by Branko Marjanović and written by Joža Horvat. It was first screened a quarter of a century after its creation, but it didn’t get regular screenings until the fall of the regime in 1989. This satire follows a Communist Party functionary who arrives in a provincial town in order to reform its cultural life, which he considers inadequate, and he dispenses with its five musical societies. The film mocks both blind bureaucracy and small-town mentality, siding only with the youth as the only hope for the future.

Branko Marjanović

(1909 – 1996) Editor of the first Croatian feature film, Lisinski (1942). His films The Flag (1949), Ciguli Miguli (1952), and The Siege (1956) received very mixed reception by the audience. He was a renowned Croatian documentarist: Posljednji zavičaj (1959), Priča o glavatici (1960), and series Mala čuda velike prirode (1971-74).

Ciguli Miguli

Branko Marjanović
Joža Horvat
Jadran film
Ljubomir Didić, August Cilić, Viktor Bek, Martin Matošević, Zvonko Tkalec, Joža Šeb, Ljubo Dijan, Milivoj Arhanić, Olga Klarić, Boris Buzančić, Đokica Milaković
Nikola Tanhofer
Radojka Ivančević

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