Fidgety Bram

  • Anna van der Heide
  • The Netherlands
  • 2012
  • 83'
  • Brammetje Baas

Bram is a seven-year-old scamp about to start the first grade. His insatiable curiosity prevents him from staying still for long. His teacher, Mr. Fisher, is a stern man with little appreciation of Bram’s wild imagination. He loves discipline and expects the boy to obey his strict rules. Bram’s parents will do everything they can to help this duo to get along.

Anna van der Heide

Television and film director. She also writes and directs for the theater and she is the founder of De Achterbank Generatie theater group. Her film MissiePoo16 has won the Golden Calf for Best Short Film at the Netherlands Film Festival. Fidgety Bram is her feature debut.

Fidgety Bram

Anna van der Heide
Tamara Bos
Coen van Overdam, Katja Herbers, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Roosmarijn van der Hoek, Isabelle Smit, René Groothof, Egbert Jan Weeber
Jan Moeskops
Michiel Reichwein
Burny Bos, Ruud van der Heyde
Festivals & Awards
Cinekid Festival 2012 – Best Dutch Children’s Film

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