One of Us

  • Stephen Richter
  • Austria
  • 2015
  • 86'
  • Einer Von Uns

A big supermarket is the only hangout place for young Julian and his friends. Surrounded by the concrete desert of an Austrian suburb, Julian and Marko are hungry for thrill and adventure. To shake up their dull everyday life, the two boys decide to break into the supermarket. However, among the colorful shelves full of goodies, the ruthless grown-up reality will shatter a stolen moment of childish freedom. Stephan Richter’s first feature deals with themes of friendship, love, and acceptance, offering at the same time a vision of the rigid consumer society built on shiny, yet empty promises. The film was inspired by true events.

Stephen Richter

Born in Dresden. His short experimental film Out of Bounds was his diploma thesis and it was screened at several international festivals. One of Us is his first feature film, which won him the Max Ophüls Award for Best Feature Film.

One of Us

Stephen Richter
Stephen Richter
Golden Girls
Jack Hofer, Simon Morzé, Christopher Schaerf, Dominic Marcus Singer, Markus Schleinzer, Andreas Lust, Rainer Woess, Birgit Linauer, Nadine Sickinger
Enzo Brandner
Andreas Wodraschke, Julia Drack
Arash T. Riahi, Karin C. Berger
Festivals & Awards
Max Ophüls Award 2016 – Best Feature Film; Diagonale 2016 – Most Innovative Austrian Production; Zurich Film Festival 2015; San Sebastián International Film Festival – New Directors Competition 2015

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