Jolly Fellows

  • Grigori Aleksandrov
  • SSSR
  • 1934
  • 96’
  • Vesyolye Rebyata

Filmed in 1934, Jolly Fellows is the first Soviet musical and one of the most popular Soviet films of that era. Strongly influenced by Hollywood musicals, the plot follows a talented young shepherd, Kostja, who has been mistaken for a famous musician. He manages the new role very well and, using the pretense, makes a career as a successful jazz musician. When he falls in love with a housemaid called Anyuta, he makes no effort to rectify the identity error. What follows is a string of funny adventures accompanied by numerous musical acts, many of which became true Russian evergreens. Anyuta is played by the famous actress Lyubov Orlova who went on to marry the director of this musical comedy, Grigori Aleksandrov.

Grigori Aleksandrov

Russian film director, screenwriter and actor (1903 – 1983). He began his career as Sergei Eisenstein’s associate, later becoming a renowned author himself. He is best known for directing musical comedies, including Jolly Fellows (1934) and Volga – Volga (1938).

Jolly Fellows

Grigori Aleksandrov
Vladimir Mass, Nikolay Erdman, Grigori Aleksandrov
Leonid Utyosov, Lyubov Orlova, Mariya Strelkova, Yelena Tyapkina, Fyodor Kurikhin, Emmanuil Geller
Vladimir Nilsen
Esfir Tobak
Igor Lopatonok

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