Lemonade Joe

  • Oldřich Lipský
  • Czechoslovakia
  • 1964
  • 99’ // 84’
  • Limonádový Joe

A peculiar blend of satire, Western, and musical comedy, Lemonade Joe is an iconic Czech film about a fearless cowboy named Joe, who drinks only lemonade. Smitten by his dazzling smile and gunslinging skills, the inhabitants of Stetson City discard whisky and other vices, which doesn’t sit well with local villain Doug Badman. Winner of the Silver Shell at the San Sebástian Film Festival, this movie is both a funny homage to American Western films and a deconstruction of their clichés. Although it is mostly known as a satire of the American capitalism, Lemonade Joe doesn’t shy away from also mocking some values of Eastern European countries of the time, resulting in a unique reconciliation of the two cultures.

Oldřich Lipský

Director and screenwriter from Prague (1924 – 1986). He directed around 25 feature films, mostly comedies. Some of his best known films are the Western parody Lemonade Joe (1964) and crime film parody Adele Hasn’t Had Her Supper Yet (1979). These films have achieved notable commercial success both in their homeland and abroad.

Lemonade Joe

Oldřich Lipský
Oldřich Lipský, Jiří Brdečka
Filmové Studio Barrandov
Karel Fiala, Olga Schoberová, Rudolf Deyl, Miloš Kopecký, Květa Fialová
Vladimir Novotný
Miroslav Hájek, Jitka Sulcová
Jaroslav Jílovec
Festivals & Awards
San Sebastián international Film Festival 1964 – Silver Seashell Award

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