Waiting for Venice in Zagreb

In February this year, our festival had the honor of hosting one of the world's most important film festivals – Venice Film Festival (Mostra). Over a period of five days (17 – 21 February), a selection of dozen films, entitled Venice in Zagreb, was shown in Europa Cinema. It was accompanied by a few interesting guests and an exhibition of the photographs of Italian diva Sofia Loren. Zagreb thus joined the group of cities around the world (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Beirut and Singapore) that hosted this world famous film festival. Besides promoting the films from the official competition of Mostra and Italian cinema in general, this program aims at establishing relationships between the international festivals that go beyond the narrow selection of the program presented. The cooperation with Mostra is but one of the initiatives positioning Zagreb Film Festival on the European film map. We are glad to be able to announce the third edition of this program, to be held in early 2016. The program is realized in cooperation with Zagreb Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb.