From Afar

Desde allá

Venezuela, Mexico, 2015, 93’

directed by: Lorenzo Vigas

written by: Lorenzo Vigas

cast: Alfredo Castro, Luis Silva

cinematography: Sergio Armstrong

edited by: Isabela Monteiro de Castro

producers: Rodolfo Cova, Guillermo Arriaga, Michel Franco, Lorenzo Vigas

production: Factor RH Productions, Malandro Films, Lucia Films


festivals and awards: 

Venice IFF 2015 – Golden Lion for Best Film; Toronto IFF 2015; San Sebastian IFF 2015

The winner of Golden Lion in Venice, From Afar is a multilayered story that plunges into the mind of a man averse to physical contact. It tells us about frustrated desires, at the same time analyzing the deeply rooted and insurmountable stratification of the Venezuelan society. Well-off and middle-aged, Armando uses money to lure attractive young men to his home. He does not want to touch them, he just wants to look. One day he meets 17-year-old Elder and the encounter is violent. Armando becomes obsessed with the youngster. Unexpected intimacy is created between the two of them. However, Armando's past looms above their relationship until the inevitable happens. Taking place in Caracas slums, Vigas's turbulent story reveals a complex relationship between two men from different worlds.

Lorenzo Vigas  was born in 1967, Venezuela, where he studied Biology. He directed a documentary series for television, entitled Expedición. In 2004, he directed his first short film Elphants Never Forget, produced by Guillermo Arriaga (21 Grams, Amores Perros). From Afar is his first feature and winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.