Black Pearls

Crni biseri

Yugoslavia, 1958, 99’

directed by: Toma Janić

written by: Jug Grizelj

cast: Severin Bijelić, Mihajlo Viktorović, Milan Ajvaz

cinematography: Eduard Bogdanić

edited by: Ružica Cvingl

production: Bosna film

festivals and awards: 

Yugoslav Feature Film Festival in Pula 1958 – Diploma for Artistic Achievement


The protagonists of this social drama about juvenile delinquency are a group of young inmates of a correctional institution located in a former monastery on a small island. They are indignant over the way their warden and teachers treat them, considering them incorrigible. The growing tension eventually culminates in a rebellion. Soon after the embittered warden leaves the institution, the boys befriend a tourist. They nickname him Martian. He suggests they should try to fix an old stranded ship so they could set out to see the world. Thrilled with the idea, the boys get down to it. However, soon they realize that their new friend is Marko, the new warden.


Toma Janić (1922. – 1984.) A screenwriter and director. Some of his films: Black Pearls (1958), Early Fall (1962), I Vote For Love (1965) and Clay Pigeon (1966).