Yugoslavia, 1989, 86’

directed by: Dejan Šorak

written by: Dejan Šorak

cast: Maro Martinović, Ksenija Marinković, Danilo Lazović, Semka Sokolović-Bertok, Zvonimir Torjanac, Danko Ljuština, Ranko Zidarić, Asja Potočnjak, Krešimir Zidarić, Vitomira Lončar

cinematography: Goran Trbuljak

edited by: Vesna Lažeta

production: Jadran film

A vampire horror story taking place in the misty streets on Zagreb's Old Town. While rumor has it that a vampire has been attacking lonely women in Zagreb, a night visitor comes to psychiatrist Franz Glogowecz's office in a secluded villa in Old Town. It is Teobald Majer, a young man who is convinced he is a 16th-century vampire. He claims that Franz's family was once renowned for their vampire hunters. Franz does not take him seriously, but his wife Barbara, who becomes fond of the stranger, thinks otherwise. In the meantime, Franz's two relatives, Jambrek and Jurek, who unintentionally get involved in all this chaos, make his villa their home.

A film director and writer born in Karlovac, Croatia in 1954. Dejan Šorak is one of the most prominent representatives of the Croatian genre film of the 1980s. While his films won numerous awards, the one that received the highest acclaim – by both viewers and critics – is Officer With A Rose. This postwar melodrama won him a Golden Arena for Best Script at Pula Film Festival in 1987.