Bodily Function

Tjelesna funkcija

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011, 39’

directed by: Dane Komljen

written by: Dane Komljen

cast: Anel Hasanbašić, Rijad Gvozden

cinematography: Amel Đikoli

edited by: Jelena Maksimović

producers: Alex Traila, Davorka Begović, Vladislav Bulajić

production: Obala Art Centar

festivals and awards: 

Sarajevo Film Festivalo 2011 – Atlantic Group Award; International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011


Adnan is driving a grocery van on his way to sell produce at the market. While he is waiting for a friend’s phone call, he suspects his loyalty.

Dane Komljen was born in 1986. Earned his degree from the Le Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Art in France. His films were shown at prestigious festivals, including Cannes and Rotterdam. He is currently preparing his second feature film, Before Hostilities