Boo-boo Boo hoo hoo

Minjonja njanjonja

Croatia, 2015, 11’

directed by: Josip Lukić

written by: Josip Lukić

cast: Marko Nazlić, Andrija Nazlić, Nola Milaković, Melinda Bečić

cinematography: Marko Jerbić

edited by: Jan Klemsche

producers: Igor Jelinović, Josip Lukić, Vera Robić-Škarica, Uroš Živanović

production: Hrvatski filmski savez


Antun is no different than other 13-year-olds. His little brother is getting on his nerves. The script for Boo-boo Boo hoo hoo was the winner of our last year's Palunko Short Feature Workshop that took place as part of the 12th Zagreb Film Festival.   

Josip Lukić was born in Split in 1984 and obtained his degree from the Faculty of Economics there. In 2013 he moves to Zagreb and makes his first films for Blank Independent Film Association. He is currently studying Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art. He wrote the film Snow In Split, shown at the 11th Zagreb Film Festival.