Belgium, 2015, 15’

directed by: Jan Roosens, Raf Roosens

written by: Bert Van Dael, Sanne Nuyens

cast: Felix Meyer, Anne-Laure Vandeputte, Hicham Mallouli, Desmond Badu, Jan Hammenecker, Jeanne Dandoy, Violet Braeckman

cinematography: Grimm Vandekerckhove

edited by: Maarten Janssens

producers: Danaé Van Vyve, Caroline Van Ranst

production: Rococo

festivals and awards: 

Cannes Film Festival 2015; Cabourg Film Festival 2015 – Swann d'Or for Best Short Film

Fré is a teenager torn between his wealthy, conservative family and his lower-class friends. He manages to keep these two worlds apart until he falls in love with Jana. Fré takes Jana to his luxury home with a swimming pool in order to teach her how to swim. However, his parents unexpectedly come home and Fré persuades Jana to hide and leave. Humiliated, Jana decides to face him with his friends.  


Ian and Raf Roosens are a Belgian filmmaking duo – and also brothers. They founded their own production company, Rococo. They produce and direct their films together. In 2012 they made their first short film Rotkop that won them awards at several world festivals. Buddy is their second film. They are currently working on their feature debut.