Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014, 20’

directed by: Grant Gulczynski

written by: Grant Gulczynski

cast: Adi Hrustemović, Sabina Mrgan

cinematography: Grant Gulczynski

edited by: Grant Gulczynski

producers: Emina Ganić, Grant Gulczynski

production: film.factory

festivals and awards: 

Sarajevo Film Festival 2015

A loose adaptation of Kafka's unfinished novel about a German who goes to meet his future wife. The German is here replaced by a Bosnian in the same situation. He, however, hides that he is a homosexual. The film is a blend of archive footage and acting.

British filmmaker Grant Gulczynski was born in 1991. He was Assistant Producer on the documentary Choice Point, featuring Richard Branson and James Caan. Grant splits his time between London and Sarajevo, as he completes his PhD in Liberal Arts Filmmaking. His debut feature as a producer and co-director Lost in Bosnia is currently doing the festival circuit.