Family Film

Rodinny film

Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, France, Slovakia, 2015, 95’

directed by: Olmo Omerzu

written by: Olmo Omerzu, Nebojša Pop-Tasić

cast: Daniel Kadlec, Jenovéfa Boková, Karel Roden, Vanda Hybnerová, Eliška Křenková, Martin Pechlát

cinematography: Lukáš Milota

edited by: Jana Vlčková

producers: Jiri Konecny, Eike Goreczka, Christoph Kukula

production: Endorfilm, 42Film, Arsmedia, Rouge International, Punkchart Films, Ceská Televize

festivals and awards: 

San Sebastian International Film Festival 2015

Igor and Irena are a wealthy Prague couple who embark on a sailing holiday in Indian Ocean with their dog Otto. Left behind are their two children – high-school student Anna and her younger brother Erik. They finally get to enjoy freedom without parental control. However, their liberal parents have more trust in their children's responsibility than they should. Erik starts playing hooky and Anna falls under influence of her wild-living friend Kristina. And just when you think it is as bad as it gets, a storm sinks Irena and Igor's boat. They manage to survive, but the focus switches to the dog, which ends up stranded on a desert island. Family Film is a combination of an elegant and unpredictable black comedy and a family drama, where the standard "home alone" situation turns into the worst possible scenario for each character, even for the family pet. 

Olmo Omerzu was born in Ljubljana in 1984. He studied at the FAMU in Prague, where he directed several short films. He graduated from the FAMU with his debut feature A Night Too Young. Following its successful premiere in the Forum section of the 62nd Berlinale, the film was invited to numerous international festivals, winning several awards.