Croatia, 2015, 21’

directed by: Ivan Sikavica

written by: Marija Šimoković Sikavica

cast: Marija Škaričić, Igor Kovač, Bobo Jelčić

cinematography: Danko Vučinović

edited by: Jan Klemsche

producer: Tena Gojić

production: Academy of Dramatic Art


One woman, two men and Sonja. Excelling in their performance are Marija Škaričić (The Priest's Children, Mother Of Asphalt), Igor Kovač (We Will Be The World Champions, The Reaper) and film director Bobo Jelčić (A Stranger). Two films by Ivan Sikavica were shown in Checkers program of the Zagreb Film Festival: Babysitter and So Not You. The latter one won Golden Pram for Best Film in the program. He also directed short films Špansko The Continent and Son, as well as segments of Zagreb Stories and Zagreb Stories Vol. 2.

Ivan Sikavica obtained his degree from the Faculty of Political Science. He is about to complete his Film Directing studies at the Zagreb Academy of Drama Art. He is a member of Croatian Film Directors' Guild. He directs TV films. He has made five short features so far: Špansko The Continent (Best Editing Award at Croatian Film days 2010), Son (official competition of Sarajevo Film Festival 2013), Babysitter (Special Mention at Zagreb Film Festival 2012), So Not You (Golden Pram at Zagreb Film Festival 2013).