The Netherlands, 2014, 14’

directed by: Ena Sendijarevic

written by: Guido Hendrikx, Ena Sendijarevic

cast: Shona Smit, Sidney Staalsmid, Bien de Moor, Matthias Maat

cinematography: Aafke Beernink

edited by: Jorien Voogt

producers: Zinzy Nimako, Jonne Roos

production: Netherlands Film Academy

festivals and awards: 

Palm Springs International ShortFest 2015; Sarajevo Film Festival 2015.; Camerimage Film Festival 2015

A coming-of-age film about a young girl who explores the unknown world of her new foster family and cautiously tries to make this new place her home. However, she seems to keep longing for something else.

Ena Sendijarevic was born in 1987 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated Screenwriting and Directing from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2014. Her debut shortTravellers into the Night won several international awards. Her graduation film Fernweh premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival.