Filming Othello

Filming Othello

West Germany, 1978, 84’

directed by: Orson Welles

written by: Orson Welles

cast: Orson Welles, Michael MacLiammoir, Hilton Edwards

cinematography: Gary Graver

edited by: Marty Roth

producers: Juergen Hellwig, Klaus Hellwig

production: Hellwig Productions

festivals and awards: 

Berlinale 1978

Orson Welles's last finished film, Filming Othello, is a cinematic essay of a fragmented structure in which Welles remembers the making of his award-winning 1952 film Othello. It was one of his problematic projects. Encumbered with lack of funds, Welles had to earn the money for the production by acting in other films. As a result, the making of Othello would sometimes be interrupted even for a few months. The filming went on and off for three years. Despite the troubles, the film was eventually completed and won a Golden Palm in Cannes. Filming Othello was planned as the first part of a serial on the making of Welles's films. However, the idea did not continue because Welles never finished the second part – the one about the making of The Trial

According to many, American director, actor and scriptwriter Orson Welles (1915 – 1985) was one of the most important artists of the 20th century. His first film, Citizen Kane, is widely considered the best film of all time. Some of his most prominent works: The Magnificent Ambersons, Touch Of Evil, The Lady From Shanghai