Igor and the Cranes' Journey

Igor VeMasa Ha'Agurim

Israel, Poland, Germany, 2012, 90’

directed by: Evgeny Ruman

written by: Dita Guery, Eitan Londner

cast: Itai Shcherback, Tomasz Sobczak, Ola Schur Selektar

cinematography: Adam Sikora

edited by: Ernest Aranov

producers: Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Piotr Mularuk, Magdalena Napieracz, Emely Christians

production: United Channels Movies (UCM), Ulysses Fgilm Produktion, Yeti Films

festivals and awards: 

TIFF 2012; Chicago Children's Film Festival 2012; Cinekid International Film Festival 2012

An interesting intimate story about father-and-son bonding. 11-year-old Igor and his father Petar, who is an ornithologist, find a crane fledgling. Igor names him Karl and promises he will take care about him and watch him grow up. As his parents are divorced, Igor spends lots of time with his father and his mother's sudden decision to move to Israel bothers him a lot. He leaves Russia with his mother but has problems adapting to the new environment. He finds comfort in watching flocks of cranes, knowing that Karl is among them. Cranes move from Europe to Africa and Igor learns that Karl has been separated from his flock. In order to find him, he teams up with his father and the two of them set out for an adventure that will change them forever.

Evgeny Ruman was born in 1979, in the Soviet Union. He emigrated to Israel at the age of 11. He has directed a number of short films which have participated and won at festivals in Israel and abroad. Ruman is the creator and director of In Between the Lines, the first Russian language series to be aired in Israel.