It can pass through the wall

Trece si prin perete

Romania, 2014, 17’

directed by: Radu Jude

written by: Radu Jude

cast: Sofia Nicolaescu, Ion Arcudeanu, Marcel Horobet, Gabriel Spahiu

cinematography: Marius Panduru

edited by: Cătălin Cristuţiu

producers: Radu Jude, Ada 

production: micro film

festivals and awards: 

Cannes Film Festival 2014 – Director’s Fortnight

“I am frightened, Grandpa!… Do you hear? […]

The people in the house are crying, he said. They miss the one who died, that’s why they are crying.”

A.P. Chekhov

Radu Jude was born in Bucharest, in 1977. His feature The Happiest Girl in the World won awards at Sundance and Berlinale. His second feature Everybody In Our Family premiered at Berlinale in 2012.