Landscape with a Woman

Žena s krajolikom

Yugoslavia, 1976, 66'

directed by: Ivica Matić

written by: Ivica Matić

cast: Stole Arandjelović, Božidarka Frajt, Uroš Kravljaća

cinematography: Karpo Ačimović Godina

edited by: Ružica Cvingl

production: Centar Film, RTV Sarajevo

festivals and awards: 

Yugoslav Feature Film Festival in Pula 1989 – posthumous – Special Golden Arena; Montreal World Film Festival 1990 – Ecumenical Jury Award, International Critics' Award, Special Grand Prix of the Jury


The first and only film by the prematurely deceased Bosnian director Ivica Matić. Thirteen years after his death, his Landscape with a Woman won a Golden Arena at Pula Film Festival. Then followed screenings at festivals around the world, to raving reviews. Fostering an outstanding feeling for photography and atmosphere, Matić made an essay about an artist's conflict with the society. It is a story about Šumar, an autodidactic painter with a passion for nudes. Šumar comes to a remote Bosnian village and soon starts persuading local women to sit for him. Their husbands become enraged, thinking there is more to it than just art. Inspired by naïve art, the acclaimed cinematographer Karpo Godina makes the characters blend in with the landscape and environment, telling us an ordinary story in the process.


Ivica Matić (1948. – 1976.) This iconic Sarajevo-based director and screenwriter was born in 1948 and died in 1976. He made some thirty short films and one feature film. Many consider his Landscape with a Woman the beginning of what is known as Sarajevo film school. The most important Bosnian film award, given by the Association of Filmmakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina for cinematic achievements, was named after him in 2003.