Neretva 1943 (Filming the Battle of Neretva)

Neretva 1943.(snimanje Bitke na Neretvi)

Yugoslavia, 1968, 31’

cast: Veljko Bulajić, Petar Kralj, Silva Košćina, Orson Welles, Yul Brynner

production: RTV Zagreb / HRT

Planes, artillery, zoom lenses... The Fourth Offensive or The Battle For The Wounded made history as the biggest spectacle of former Yugoslav cinema. An RTV Zagreb crew reported from the location of "the film of films". Director Veljko Bulajić is caught on camera while shooting the scene with Orson Welles making a speech as a Chetnik commander. Demolition expert Vlado (Yul Bryner) explains Tito's river-crossing tactics. Still, the reporters took the greatest interest in how the extras (Yugoslav National Army conscripts) were killing time between scenes and what did the surviving participants of the real Battle of Neretva think about the filming.