Playing the Tiger

Igra malog tigra

Croatia, 2015, 25’

directed by: Jasna Nanut

written by: Jasna Nanut

cast: Krešimir Mikić, Ana Stunić

cinematography: Tomislav Sutlar

edited by: Tomislav Stojanović

producer: Dora Prpić

production: Academy of Dramatic Art


Zagreb, today. Boška comes to Tomo's place for the first time. He cooks them a tasty meal and then they watch a movie. Testing his patience, Boška is trying to find out if he is the "right one" or just another "wrong one". Tomo has no such dilemmas. He is convinced that the two of them are already a couple. Playing The Tiger is the graduation film of Jasna Nanut, whose Hands was shown in the last year's Checkers program.


Jasna Nanut was born in Zagreb in 1975. After 15 years of working on TV she switched to directing films. She is about to obtain her MA degree in Film and TV Directing at the Zagreb Academy of Drama Art. Films: Hands (2014), Together (2014), The Cleanup (2014).