The Netherlands, 2015, 78’

directed by: Sam de Jong

written by: Sam de Jong

cast: Ayoub Elasri, Jorik Scholten, Achraf Meziani, Oussama Addi, Elsie De Brauw, Sigrid Ten Napel, Olivia Lonsdale, Chaib Massaoudi, Peter Douma, Freddy Tratlehner

cinematography: Paul Özgür

edited by: Mieneke Kramer

producers: Gijs Kerbosch, Gijs Determeijer, Roel Oude Nijhuis

production: Halal, Vice Media

festivals and awards: 

Berlinale 2015 – Honourable Mention

It is a story about seventeen-year-old Ayoub who lives in an Amsterdam council estate. His knowledge of the world does not extend beyond the boundaries of his childhood neighborood, but it does not prevent him from trying to become a bigshot on his block and earn the respect of the local gang. Ayoub is in love with Lara but he must compete for her attention and his rivals are the bad boys that she likes. He has no money and shares a small room with his sister. His mother is exhausted from hard life and his father lives on the streets. Life is hard there, but sweet. Cheeky young men show off by hurling insults and embelishing their amourous exploits. Early in their life they become exposed to crime and violence. Visually dynamic and with a sountrack bursting with energy, Prince is a markedly stylized debut that won his author Special Mention in Generation Kplus program of Berlinale.  

Sam de Jong Born in Amsterdam in 1986, he studied at the Netherlands Film Academy. His graduation film Magnesium premiered at Sundance in 2013 and was the Dutch entry for the 2013 Student Oscars. He also makes documentaries, music videos and commercials. Prince is his feature film debut.