Das Spektrum Europas

France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, 2014, 12’

directed by: Cristi Puiu

written by: Cristi Puiu

cast: Marian Râlea, Valeria Seciu

cinematography: Luchian Ciobanu

edited by: Ion Ioachim Stroe

producers: Mirsad Purivatra, Izeta Gradević, Jovan Marjanović

production: Obala Art Centar, deFilm, Digital Cube


festivals and awards: 

Cannes Film Festival 2014

A prisoner of a fiction of his own making, Mr Popescu, gives his wife a short lecture on history, joining together the discordant pieces of an eternally incomplete jigsaw puzzle.


Cristi Puiu is one of the most acclaimed representatives of the Romaian New Wave. He directed films like Stuff And Dough, Cigarettes And Coffee, The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu and Aurora. Won awards in Cannes and at Berlinale.