Teddy Bear

Medo mali

Croatia, 2015, 20’

directed by: Igor Jelinović

written by: Igor Jelinović

cast: Josip Lukić, Bruna Bebić, Mia Anočić Valentić, Jakov Lerotić

cinematography: Rino Barbir

edited by: Iva Gavrilović

producers: Lorena Vlahovski, Tibor Keser

production: Academy of Dramatic Art 

festivals and awards: 

Croatian Film Days 2015

Teddy Bear lives with his mother. He has only one passion in his life and his mother – naturally – irrittates him. Mother like mother – she, too, is worried and is trying to help him. But Teddy Bear will do everything he can to undermine her plan. 

Igor Jelinović was born in Split in 1984. Lives and works in Zagreb. Is a member of Blank Independent Film Association. He made a few short features, including Snow In Split, Dan Marjana and Luka & Bručke. Snow In Split was shown in the Checkers program of the 11th Zagreb Film Festival.