The Tenth Film

Deseti film

Croatia, 2006, 54’

directed by: Igor Mirković

written by: Igor Mirković



edited by: Sven Pavlinić


production: NP7

A documentary about the three-year long process of the making of The Border Post. As a member of the crew working on the film, director and screenwriter Igor Mirković had an unlimited insight into the making of the film about a group of soldiers awaiting the end of their military service on Yugoslav-Albanian border. It is a funny depiction of the problems and experiences on the set: rehearsals, fears, successes and bummers. From the viewpoint of director Rajko Grlić (The Border Post being his tenth feature), we can see the demystification of the making of a cinematic illusion.

Igor Mirković, born in Zagreb in 1965. Together with Rajko Grlić, he directed the renowned documentary Who Wants To Be The President, screened at Zagreb Film Festival in 2007. The Zagreb Stories omnibus that included Igor Mirković's Meter Reader story was shown at ZFF in 2009. His best known films include Orbanići Unplugged, Lucky Child and Night Boats