Trials, Exorcisms

Provas, Exorcismos

Portugal, 2015, 25’

directed by: Susana Nobre

written by: Susana Nobre

cast: Óscar Santos, Laura Afonso, Joana Ferreira, Bruno Pereira, Joaquim Calçada, João Machado

cinematography: Paulo Menezes

edited by: Francisco Moreira

producers: João Matos

production: Terratreme Filmes


festivals and awards: 

Cannes Film Festival 2015 – Director's Fortnight; IndieLisboa 2015; Curtas Vila do Conde IFF 2015

Óscar spent 25 years working in the same factory. Now he awaits the outcome of a trial. The production has stopped and wages have not been paid for a long time but Óscar and his colleagues still keep coming to work, hoping they will keep their jobs. 

Susana Nobre was born in Lisbon in 1974. She helped set up the Social and Human Sciences department’s Film Creation Lab at Lisbon’s Nova University. She is part of the production company Terratreme, where she has also served as executive producer.