Two All Alone

Nas dva

Croatia, 2015, 27’

directed by: Andrija Mardešić

written by: Andrija Mardešić

cast: Roko Sikavica, Dara Vukić

cinematography: Ivan Zadro

edited by: Tomislav Stojanović

producer: Dora Prpić

production: Kino klub Split


August in the city. The streets are deserted because everyone has gone for the holidays. Instead of enjoying the summer like all of his friends, Joško had to return to Split in order to take care of his grandmother who had just come back from a spa. While trying to put up with the demanding and moody grandma, Joško also has to deal with his own lethargy, breakup with his girlfriend, ten more exams he has yet to pass and unbearable summer heat. Since Joško is far from being a perfect roommate himself, he and grandma are sentenced to a strenuous coexistence in a hot apartment. However, they actually need each other. Two of Andrija Mardešić's films have been shown in ZFF's Checkers program so far: Night Ride and The Damned.

Andrija Mardešić was born in 1985. Soon after obtaining his degree from the Academy of Drama Art in 2011 he became one of the directors and scriptwriters of the TV series Wind Rose. His filmography includes the following short films: Scream In Darkness (2006), Night Ride (2006), The Damnded (2007), Two (2011), Iris (2012), Two Of Us (2015) and the segment Subtenant in Short Circuits omnibus (2013).