Vlad the Impaler: The True Life of Dracula

Vlad Tepes

Romania, 1979, 114’

directed by: Doru Năstase

written by: Mircea Mohor

cast: Ştefan Sileanu, Alexandru Repan, Emanoil Petrut, Ferenc Fábián, Vlad Rădescu

cinematography: Aurel Kostrachievici

edited by: Adina Georgescu Obrocea

production: Casa de Filme 5

festivals and awards: 

Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 1979

Despite its title, Vlad Tepes is not a vampire movie about the legendary character Dracula, but a historical epic about the notorious ruler. When Turkish sultan Mehmed II decides to conquer Wallachia, Vlad and his loyal army bravely counter their aggression. Made in the days of the dictator Ceauşescu's era, the film depicts Tepes as a national hero, thus contributing to the cult of various great figures of Romanian history. It tells us about the political intrigues of the 15th century, when Tepes's thirst for blood becomes a reflection of his power and strength and impaling is a suitable punishment for all traitors and enemies.

Doru Năstase (1933 – 1983) was a Romanian film director and actor. He was best known for his historical films, such as No Trespassing and Vlad Tepes