You Dreamt that You Were Happy

Sanjala si da si sretna

Croatia, 2015, 22’

directed by: Ivana Škrabalo

written by: Ivana Škrabalo

cast: Doroteja Nadrah, Leon Lučev, Ivan Ožegović

cinematography: Danko Vučinović

edited by: Martin Semenčić

producers: Tena Gojić, Vedran Šuvar, Goran Radman

production: Kinoklub Zagreb, HRT


Blanka is in dire financial straits. When they threaten her with cutting the power off, she runs away from her apartment and goes on with her daily routine. She goes on a humiliating audition, kisses a guy she is not in love with, and visits her estranged parents. On her way from the parents' house, she meets a middle-aged man who takes her to his upscale home. In the bedroom, Blanka notices a rifle.

Ivana Škrabalo is a set designer and director. Directed a number of short films. At Marulić Days she won Marul Award for Artistic Achievement for her stage production Sada je zapravo sve dobro. She also won a Golden Arena for the set design of Vegeterian Cannibal