Zagreb | out of competition


Italia, 1911, 4’

directed by: unknown

production: Cines, Italija (1911.)

It is not a widely known fact that less than 15 minutes of footage from the first twenty years of the use of film camera in Croatia has been preserved. This material includes the well-known materials such as Maneuvers of Austrain Navy, Šibenik Harbor and Café Corso (the latter one, from 1915, being the oldest preserved footage of Zagreb). This year, in the ZFF opening ceremony we will include one of the most important finds of our cinematic archeology – a 1911 vignette of Zagreb! We give you no details here – come see it yourselves. Instead of a synopsis, we will just say that it was made by Italian Cines company in late Zagreb summer, on 18 August 1911, and that it depicts our city, older and more beautiful – and in color! The footage is kept in EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam.