Zagreb Stories Vol. 3 | out of competition

Zagrebačke priče vol. 3

Croatia, 2015, 95’

directed by: Ivan Salaj / Petar Orešković / Matija Vukšić / Vlatka Vorkapić / Danilo Šerbedžija / Radislav Jovanov Gonzo

written by: Ivan Salaj / Natko Jurdana / Matija Vukšić / Vlatka Vorkapić / Danilo Šerbedžija / Jasna Žmak

cast: Filip Križan, Borko Perić, Ivana Rushaidat, Franjo Dijak / Franjo Džimi Jurčec, Tihana Lazović, Pjer Meničanin, Slavica Knežević, Enes Vejzović / Mia Rendić, Juraj Čižić / Judita Franković, Ksenija Marinković / Živko Anočić, Lucija Šerbedžija / Jelena Lopatić, Jerko Marčić, Mate Gulin

cinematography: Silvio Jesenković / Mak Vejzović / Raul Brzić / Dragan Marković / Danko Vučinović / Danko Vučinović

edited by: Dubravka Turić / Ana Marija Sremec / Vladimir Gojun / Marin Juranić / Jan Klemsche / Anita Jovanov

producers: Boris T. Matić, Lana Ujdur

production: Propeler Film


festivals and awards: 

Pula Film Festival 2015

Zagreb Stories is a project of Propeler Film production company, completed in 2009 as a contribution to the initiative for establishing Zagreb Film Fund. The third omnibus with this title premiered at this year's Pula Film Festival. There are six short films in it, with holidays as a recurring theme.

Resistance Day

Based on Robert Perišić's short story No God In Susedgrad. Two good-for-nothings decide to pay a visit to their old friend who has recently become a father.

Celebration of Democracy

If you're old, poor and crazy, f*ck the system, don't be lazy!

Goran's Street

On the Feast of the Assumption, little Lana meets a next-door boy who spends his days looking through the window. A simple suggestion to play together will reveal a secret that will make Lana question her attitude toward God, life and herself.


Who are the three men the daughter sees when she visits her mother?


Having suffered a loss and fallen into a routine, the protagonist closes himself in a cocoon. And then an absurd situation unleashes an outpour of emotions.


May Day is particularly hard for Bruno and Iva: not only do they both have to work, but their bicycle – their only means of transport – has been stolen.