Book presentation: “Write a Screenplay” – the first Croatian screenwriting handbook



Book presentation: Write a Screenplay – the first Croatian screenwriting handbook

Write a Screenplay by Jasmina Kallay is Croatia's first screenwriting handbook. It was made as part of the activities of Palunko screenwriting educational platform of Croatian Film Association. Branko Belan's 1960 publication Screenplay – What and How has been the only Croatian work on screenwriting so far, but it is primarily an introduction into ideas on filmology and dramaturgy of film in general. Since then, no other publication has ever approached the screenwriting theory and practice in a specific and complete way. Write a Screenplay was written in order to contribute to this – regardless of the contemporary developments in the profession – still neglected niche in Croatian audiovisual art. 

The handbook covers the basic aspects of screenwriting, such as creating structure, characters and dialogues and using dramaturgical techniques; practical aspects such as screenplay formatting; and audiovisual-industry related subjects compelling for those who seriously want to improve their screenwriting skills. At that, this book is not a one-off contribution to the subject: it is an introduction to the future Palunko screenwriting edition, currently being developed in printed and electronic form and an online extension in a form of video lectures. The entire project is part of an initiative to consolidate all Palunko's activities (since its inception in 2003) within an umbrella program dedicated to non-institutional and life-long theoretical education for film, TV, Internet, transmedia and video-game screenwriters.

The project is being realized in cooperation with Zagreb Cinema Club and with a support of Croatian Audiovisual Center, Electronic Media Agency and Croatian Film Directors' Guild. More information on Palunko portal.


Dr. sc. Jasmina Kallay, Croatian-English screenwriter, writer and expert for transmedia and video games. Obtained her PhD in Interactive Screenwriting from the University College Dublin. Works as a lecturer, artistic advisor for Creative Europe – MEDIA, and script editor for national and international institutions and production companies. She wrote Beat Girl, a novel for adolescents, adapted into a British TV series nominated for International Emmy Award 2013. She also wrote Gaming Film (2013), a book on the video games' influence on contemporary film.