Book presentation: FILMoteka by Marko Njegić



Book presentation: FILMoteka by Marko Njegić

Njegić passionately immerses himself into his impressions as a viewer, rendering an unbelievably accurate report on his encounter with an individual film – one almost wants to watch the film again to see what was that he saw and they did not. His description of a film is plastic; it is not reduced to retelling its plot. You can almost feel the pulse of some scenes in it, regretting that you failed to feel the same. The most important quality of his texts lies in the fact that they are concrete and concise, and yet, personal, poetic and exciting. Another fact – that Njegić publishes his texts in daily press, where one must overcome numerous barriers to have a chance to express themselves in a non-conventional way – is what makes it an even bigger achievement. This is his greatest triumph, all the more resounding now that he has collected his texts in a book that will certainly attract much wider audiences than just film lovers. (Nenad Polimac)

Marko Njegić
Nenad Polimac
Daniel Rafaelić


Marko Njegić, the most active young Croatian film critic, a member of Croatian Film Critics' Association and FIPRESCI. Born in Split in 1979. He lives and works there as a film critic and reporter. He writes reviews for Slobodna Dalmacija daily, covering film festivals and other film-related events. Besides reviews, he writes topical articles, essays and interviews. He has his regular columns, too. He collaborated with Split Film Festival and Mediterranean Film Festival, Odiseja u eteru radio show and film magazine Hrvatski filmski ljetopis. He is a member of the City of Split Film and Media Council. He edited film monthly Hollywood. He was a member of the FIPRESCI jury at Motovun Film Festival (2010) and Ljubljana film Festival (2012) and a member of the Mediterranean Film Festival Split jury (in 2012 – when he also conducted a film review workshop), Vukovar Film Festival jury (2012) and other juries.