Masterclass Christoph Thoke

16 H Film Screening
17:30 H Masterclass


Masterclass: Co-Productions in Film Industry
(with the screening of Of Horses and Men)

For some, it is a remedy for all production needs. The ultimate answer to how to get a film financed and get your film out, onto the international level and into international markets. Guaranteeing awareness, visibility, festival success. For others, coproduction is a waste of time; a mechanism that is concerned with itself; a phrophecy that doesn’t deliver. It helps you to raise money and support but it does not help you to make money. However, it is a fact that the number of coproduction markets, coproduction platforms and coproduction incentives is constantly increasing, all over the globe. Could all this effort be misplaced? Christoph Thoke, an award-winning coproduction specialist, will try to design an answer and bring some light into the darkness. He will also talk about his work, using examples from his former films like Tropical Malady, Twenty-nine Palms and Of Horses and Men.

Christoph Thoke is a German film producer. His films reached 700 festival selections and won 150 awards. He has been working with highly acclaimed directors such as three-time Cannes winner Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne and two-time Cannes winner Bruno Dumont, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Rachid Bouchareb. Having started as a studio executive at Bavaria Film, Taunus Film, Wiesbaden and at the postproduction giant Cine Media Film, Christoph began to produce through his own company Thoke + Moebius Film. In 2007, he launched Mogador Film (Berlin, Frankfurt, Mainz) from where he is currently producing and financing for the local and international market.


Of Horses and Men, Benedikt Erlingsson

Iceland, Norway, Germany, 2013, 81’, color, DCP

Made up of six interconnected fables every one of which features at least one horse and its owner, Of Horses And Men is a film about two beasts – both of them with soul – coping with the cruel country life. It is a pastoral romance human traits in hordes and equine traits in men. A love story that tells us more about human than equine shortcomings. Entitled literally A Horse Within Us in Icelandic language, Iceland’s candidate for this year’s Oscar finds a way of tackling the shortcomings of its human protagonists from the unexpected angle of horses. Horses thus become the language that enables intercommunication of their owners in the surprising twists that these unusual fables abound in. The angle may be unusual, but the scenes are unforgettable.


festivals and awards: Iceland’s candidate for 2014 Best Foreign Language Film; San Sebastian Film Festival 2013 – Best New Director; Tokyo International Film Festival 2013 – Best Director