Masterclass Jesper Osmund

16 H Film Screening
17:30 H Masterclass

Masterclass: Editing without Script

(with the screening of Bananas!*)

The Danish film editor Jesper Osmund will share his experiences from 25 years of editing. Jesper will reflect upon his work and speak about how he sees his role as a film editor and especially as a storyteller, how he engages in the creative process and how he collaborates with the director.


Jesper Osmund edited his first feature film in 1991, after years of working as an assistant editor. He then continued editing several feature films, short films, mini-series, and hundreds of commercials until the mid 90s, when he decided to turn to documentaries. Today, he has edited more than 50 documentaries, many of them awarded internationally. In the later years, he has focused mainly on internationally co-produced feature length documentaries. He has also begun to hold seminars and tutoring Pitching and RoughCut workshops arranged by EDN, IDF and IDFAcademy. Among his recent films you will find: Harbour of Hope, the controversial Bananas!* shown at more than 100 festivals, Long Distance Love, Imagen, The Well and Together.


Bananas!*, Fredrik Gertten
Sweden, Denmark, 2009, 83’, color, HD

Juan “Accidentes” Dominguez is working on his biggest case so far. On behalf of twelve workers of Nicaraguan Banana Company he has taken on Dole Corporation for using forbidden pesticides that can cause sterility. The film follows the course of the legal proceedings against the corporate giant, casting new light on the food policy. After the film's 2009 screening in Los Angeles, Dole Food Corporation sued the film director and producers. As a result, the festival sponsors backed down and the film was removed from the festival's competition program. Dole Food denied the allegations after tumultuous reactions of public. Even the Swedish Parliament reacted, taking the initiative to ensure the film's screening.


festivals and awards: Los Angeles Film Festival 2009; FICA International Festival of Environmental Film and Video 2010 – Audience Award; Green Oscar 2010 – International Green Film Award; Berlinale 2010