Masterclass Tamar van den Dop

15:30 H Film Screening
17:15 H Masterclass

Masterclass: How to Make a Youth Film? 
(with the screening of Supernova)


Zagreb Film Festival and Eye to Eye Initiative present a masterclass by Tamar van den Dop, a Dutch film director (Blind, Schat, Supernova) and actress (appearing in the Oscar-winning film Character). She will talk about her work on Supernova. While making an in-depth analysis of the film, she will also talk about her cooperation with the actors, particularly Gaite Jansen. The masterclass will take place after the screening of Supernova as part of PLUS program. The director and young audience will discuss their reasons for watching films intended for young audiences. 

Tamar van den Dop graduated from the Maastricht Theatre Academy. As an actress, she played in the Oscar-winning Character and other films. Her short film Lot was the Dutch entry for the 2002 Academy Awards. Lot won the prize for Best Short Film at the 2002 International Film Festival Avanca, the Audience Award and the Special Jury Award at the 2003 Film Festival Premier Plans, and the Golden Gate Award for Best Short Film at the 2003 San Francisco Film Festival. Her next film Schat was again the Dutch entry to the Academy Awards in 2004. In 2007, her first feature film Blind premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and was awarded the Movie Squad Junior Award at the Dutch Film Festival. The script, also written by Tamar van den Dop, was nominated for the prestigious NHK Script Award at the American Sundance Film Festival.


Supernova, Tamar van den Dop
The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, 2014, 102’

"There's nothing here", says fifteen-year-old Meis about her home. Indeed, their modest family home is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by flat countryside. Meis lives there with her paranoid mother (played by the film's director herself), lethargic father and demented grandmother. She kills time riding her bike, contemplating about the creation of the world, molecules, gravity and exploding stars. She often goes to an old bridge where she enjoys the sun and indulges in erotic daydreaming. Then, one day, she has a traffic accident and she meets a young and handsome driver. It is a refreshingly peculiar and cheerful story about coming of age of a girl.


festivals and awards: Berlinale 2014; Chicago International Film Festival 2014; Motovun Film Festival 2014; Xining International Film Festival 2014 – Grand Prix; Brasilia International Film Festival 2014