Presentation: Wajda Film School



Presentation: Wajda Film School, EKRAN+
(with the screening of Joanna)

Wajda Film School is a Polish school established in 2001. It is oriented to group-work methods and cooperation of filmmakers of various generations in order to prepare already developed scripts for narrative features and produce short documentaries. EKRAN+ program is a 22-day program of film project development intended for film professionals, primarily directors and directors/scriptwriters. The attendants begin by analyzing selected scenes, after which follow modifications of the script, casting, shooting, editing and, finally, an analysis of the scene shot. EKRAN+ assists during every stage of production and post-production, under mentorship of experienced film directors. EKRAN+ is supported by MEDIA- Creative Europe Program. It is a joint project by Studio Wajda and Wajda Film School, FOCAL (Switzerland); Austrian Film Institute, Croatian Audiovisual Center and Lithuanian Film Center. It is also supported by Polish Film Institute.

Wojciech Marczewski, director and screenwriter



Joanna, Aneta Kopacz

Poland, 2013, 40’, color, HD

In the multitude of blogs on the Internet, one stands out and becomes the common topic of many conversations. The reason why so many people follow Joanna’s blog is because it teaches them how to be thoughtful and joyful. She describes her daily life with overwhelming honesty and accuracy. Her goals are as simple as a family trip to the lakes, her planning is as short-term as to teach her little son to ride a bike. Diagnosed with untreatable illness, Joanna promises her son that she will do her best to live for as long as possible. She writes down everything she might want him to learn from her when he grows up. With great visual poetry, this Academy Award nominated documentary portrays the simple and meaningful moments in the life of the family. The very few words spoken and the ones never uttered in the film make the message ultimately powerful and extremely subtle at the same time. It is a story of close relationships, tenderness, love and thoughtfulness.


festivals and awards: Oscar Nomination for Best Short Documentary Subject 2015; Warsaw Film Festival 2014 – Audience Award for Best Short Film; DOK Lepizig 2013 – Youth Jury Award