Rough Cut Workshop with Jesper Osmund

Rough Cut Workshop with Jesper Osmund

The workshop participants are directors and editors of selected documentary projects and it consists of watching the rough cut and one-on-one meetings during which Jesper Osmund will make a dramaturgical analysis of the film and advise the participants on how to complete the editing process.


Projects selected for the workshop:

Bebe na vole – director Vladimir Gojun, editor Ana Štulina, production: Nukleus Film
Danke Deutschland – director Miroslav Sikavica, editor Marko Ferković, production: Factum
Something About Life – director Nebojša Slijepčević, editor Iva Kraljević, production: Restart
In Praise of Nothing – director Boris Mitić, editor Martin Semenčić, production: Anti-Apsurd
Tourism! – director Tonći Gaćina, editor Jan Klemsche, production: Academy of Dramatic Art


Jesper Osmund edited his first feature film in 1991, after he spent years working as an assistant editor. He then edited several feature and short fiction films, mini-series and hundreds of commercials, but in the mid-1990s he switched to documentary films. Until this day he has edited more than 50 documentaries, many of which garnered international awards. Lately he mostly focused on international feature documentary productions and began hosting seminars and teaching at pitching and rough cut workshops organised by EDN, IDF and IDFAcademy. Some of his latest films are: Harbour Of Hope, the controversial Bananas!*, shown at more than 100 festivals, followed by Long Distance LoveImagenThe Well  and Together.