Academy of Dramatic Art

Marshall Tito Square 5

The Academy of Dramatic Art (ADU) is the oldest Croatian university institution focusing on drama teaching. Its theatre, film and dance departments encompass almost all the aspects of theatre, performing, film and media art on a practical, theoretical and scholarly level. The departments of Acting, Stage Directing and Radio, Film and TV Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Dramaturgy, Production and Dance conduct nine BA and seven MA university courses from the field of theatre, film and dance art, comparable to the courses at many renowned European universities.

Tutoring in arts, which is the central form of the students’ practical work, is the way the Academy every academic year produces around 50 stage and dance shows, and more than 100 film and audiovisual works. All these works are publicly available and ADU could be called the greatest national producer in the field of dramatic art.

Academy teachers are without exception acknowledged artists, active on the national and international scene. Thanks to its teaching staff, students and former students who take part in national and international theatre, performance, film and media institutions, projects and festivals, and often earn significant awards and merits, ADU plays a leading role in creative formation of contemporary Croatian theatre, performance, film and media culture and art.