Museum of Contemporary Art

Dubrovnik Avenue 17

The Museum was established on 21 December 1954, when the decision of the former People’s Committee of the City of Zagreb founded the City Gallery of Contemporary Art with the aim of following, documenting and promoting events, styles and trends in contemporary art. The Gallery immediately began to create its holdings and act as a museum institution in line with contemporary museum principles and needs of the time.

After many years of futile attempts to house the Museum in a more appropriate space, either by adapting the existing building or constructing a new one, in 1998 a decision on building a new museum in New Zagreb, on the crossroads of Većeslav Holjevac Avenue and Dubrovnik Avenue, was reached. On 17 November 2003 the cornerstone was laid to what would become the new building of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Museum, linking the old and the New Zagreb is a unique place of gathering, learning, fun and entertainment. Over six hundred art pieces from the Collection of the Museum, from both domestic and international artists is exhibited as permanent display on the three floors, roof terraces and outdoor space while occasional exhibitions are being held in the two-floor southern wing, in the NO Gallery on ground floor and on the western media facade, thus emphasizing openness and flexibility of the building designed by the architect Igor Franić.

Museum of Contemporary Art