Checkers is the national competition program of short films that primarily promotes young and aspiring authors who have not made their feature-length films yet. The program dates back to the festival's beginnings and it includes premieres of short films by Croatian filmmakers who have achieved acclaim in the meantime. This is why Checkers is considered as one of the most important platforms for the promotion of young Croatian talents. The selector of Checkers is Vladimir Gojun.


Dubravka Turić


Croatia, 2015, 18’

Belladonna je film o (ne)gledanju. O tome kako površno vidimo jedni druge i o predrasudama koje iz toga proizlaze. Belladonna je biljka čiji su otrov žene prije kapale u oči kako bi dobile široke i sjajne zjenice. Za ljepotu je... Više

Boo-boo Boo hoo hoo

Josip Lukić

Minjonja njanjonja

Croatia, 2015, 11’

Antun is no different than other 13-year-olds. His little brother is getting on his nerves. The script for Boo-boo Boo hoo hoo was the winner of our last year's Palunko Short Feature Workshop that took place as part of the 12th... Više


Ivan Sikavica


Croatia, 2015, 21’

One woman, two men and Sonja. Excelling in their performance are Marija Škaričić (The Priest's Children, Mother Of Asphalt), Igor Kovač (We Will Be The World Champions, The Reaper) and film director Bobo Jelčić (A Stranger). Two... Više


Judita Gamulin


Croatia, 2015, 19’

Members of two families are visiting their hospitalized fathers sharing the same room. While one family squabbles over trivial issues, the other family takes a very different perspective. Flowers are both for celebrations and for... Više


Daria Blažević


Croatia, 2015, 25’

Matija is a young mother taking care of her son on her own ever since her husband has been away on business. When someone breaks into her car, Matija meets a friendly police officer. One day, he drops by for a cup of coffee.


Jure Pavlović


Croatia, 2015, 13’

The streets of Sarajevo are crowded. Accompanied by a social service worker, 15-year-old Emir goes to visit his father Safet (52), who is serving time in a minimum security prison on Igman Mountain above the city. Traffic is... Više

Playing the Tiger

Jasna Nanut

Igra malog tigra

Croatia, 2015, 25’

Zagreb, today. Boška comes to Tomo's place for the first time. He cooks them a tasty meal and then they watch a movie. Testing his patience, Boška is trying to find out if he is the "right one" or just another "wrong one". Tomo... Više

Teddy Bear

Igor Jelinović

Medo mali

Croatia, 2015, 20’

Teddy Bear lives with his mother. He has only one passion in his life and his mother – naturally – irrittates him. Mother like mother – she, too, is worried and is trying to help him. But Teddy Bear will do everything he can to... Više

The Beast

Daina Oniunas-Pusić


Croatia, Finland, 2015, 21’

Nada (100) and her daughter Vera (75) have a tense, but smooth-running and close relationship. Childish Vera takes care about her mute, feeble, although sometimes cruel, mother. One day, however, a bat flies into Nada's room and... Više

Two All Alone

Andrija Mardešić

Nas dva

Croatia, 2015, 27’

August in the city. The streets are deserted because everyone has gone for the holidays. Instead of enjoying the summer like all of his friends, Joško had to return to Split in order to take care of his grandmother who had just... Više

You Dreamt that You Were Happy

Ivana Škrabalo

Sanjala si da si sretna

Croatia, 2015, 22’

Blanka is in dire financial straits. When they threaten her with cutting the power off, she runs away from her apartment and goes on with her daily routine. She goes on a humiliating audition, kisses a guy she is not in love with... Više

Tickets information:

International Short Film category and Checkers films are screened at Tuškanac Cinema. Free tickets for the screenings in these programs can be picked up at the Tuškanac Cinema ticket office only. Tickets can be picked up every day during the regular opening hours. Part of the tickets will be distributed half an hour before the screening, at 21.00 h. One person can take no more than four free tickets per screening.