Feature Films

The feature film competition program (Cinema Europa, Cinema Tuškanac) presents directors' first and second feature-length fiction films competing for Golden Pram Award. The director of the best film by the jury's choice will also receive the amount of EUR 4,000.

Our Everyday Life

Ines Tanović

Naša svakodnevna priča

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, 2015, 90’

The film tells us about the life and disintegration of an average Sarajevo family in the postwar Bosnian society. Having divorced his wife Nina, 30-year-old Saša moved back to his parents. His father Muhamed, played by Emir... Više

A War

Tobias Lindholm


Danmark, 2015, 115'

As the director of the thrilling story A Hijacking and the writer of the award-winning The Hunt, in which Mads Mikelsen plays a victim of paedophilia accusations, Tobias Lindholm proved an expert in the anatomy of human psyche... Više

Family Film

Olmo Omerzu

Rodinny film

Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, France, Slovakia, 2015, 95’

Igor and Irena are a wealthy Prague couple who embark on a sailing holiday in Indian Ocean with their dog Otto. Left behind are their two children – high-school student Anna and her younger brother Erik. They finally get to enjoy... Više

From Afar

Lorenzo Vigas

Desde allá

Venezuela, Mexico, 2015, 93’

The winner of Golden Lion in Venice, From Afar is a multilayered story that plunges into the mind of a man averse to physical contact. It tells us about frustrated desires, at the same time analyzing the deeply rooted and... Više

Home Care

Slávek Horák

Domácí péce

Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2015,  92’

A bitter-sweet comedy drama about confrontation with mortality, told in the cheerful style od Czech village comedies. Fifty-year-old Vlasta is a jovial housewife and nurse in constant motion. She travels though Czech countryside... Više

In the Crosswind

Martti Helde


Estonia, 2014, 87’

A dreamlike saga about survival and endurance, inspired by a true diary. On 14 June 1941, thousands of people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were forced by Soviet authorities to get on board of trains and were deported to... Više

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

US, 2015, 105’

Greg Gaines is a high-school kid who keeps to himself and wants to draw as little attention to himself as possible. Avoiding social contacts, he spends most of his time watching crazy parodies of classic movies with his only... Više

Neon Bull

Gabriel Mascaro

Boi neon

Brazil, Uruguay, the Netherlands, 2015, 101’

Gabriel Mascaro's second feature film offers wildly sensual and fascinating insight into Brazilian rodeo "behind the camera". Iremar works on vaquejada, the traditional rodeo in which two cowboys are trying to fell a bull. Iremar... Više


Grímur Hákonarson


Iceland, Denmark, 2015, 93’

In the solitude of a remote Iceland valley, two brothers – Gummi and Kiddi – are raising sheep. Although they live on adjacent farms, they haven't spoken to each other for 40 years. When Kiddi's award-winning flock of sheep is... Više

Son of Saul

László Nemes

Saul fia

Hungary, 2015, 107’

Son Of Saul, the winner of Grand Prix in Cannes, is an outstanding directorial debut. October 1944, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Saul Ausländer is a Hungarian member of Sonderkommando – the Jewish prisoners' unit isolated from the rest of... Više


Rúnar Rúnarsson


Iceland, Denmark, Croatia, 2015, 99’

A beautiful film about a not so beautiful subject. It is a story about growing up, focused on 16-year-old Ari. After his mother moves to Angola with her new husband, Ari is forced to leave Reykjavik and move to his father's house... Više


Bentley Dean & Martin Butler


Australia, Vanuatu, 2015, 104’

In 2013, documentary filmmakers Bentley Dean and Martin Butler spent seven months on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu archipelago. There they stayed with the indigenous population of the village of Yakel. One day, members of the... Više

The New Kid

Rudi Rosenberg

Le nouveau

France, 2015, 80'

Fourteen-year-old Benoit leaves his rural home and moves to Paris. The first day at school proves to be a far more strenuous experience than he expected. Things change when Johanna, a new girl, joins his class. In order to... Više

Zagreb Stories Vol. 3 | out of competition

Ivan Salaj, Petar Orešković, Matija Vukšić, Vlatka Vorkapić, Danilo Šerbedžija, Radislav Jovanov Gonzo

Zagrebačke priče vol. 3

Croatia, 2015, 95’

Zagreb Stories is a project of Propeler Film production company, completed in 2009 as a contribution to the initiative for establishing Zagreb Film Fund. The third omnibus with this title premiered at this year's Pula Film... Više

Tickets information:

30.00 kuna for premieres and screenings on Sunday, 22 November

20.00 kuna for pre-releases and reruns